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They Made Me A Fugitive
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They Made Me A Fugitive

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

A good one. And it has a character named Fidgety Phil.

Anonymous picture

Holy cow. Of any non-American noir I've seen this might be the most noirish. Everything is intact. The quite simple plot which is somehow continuously incomprehensible, the spit-fire witty dialogue (extra incomprehensible due to Britishness, also lol-inducing at times), shadows throwing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This really was a good movie. IMO the villain was well acted and the pace was good. Dialog was very believable. It was suspenseful and well acted all the way around. Leonard Maltin gave it 3 stars and sd. it's a potent British film noir that packs a punch.

Anonymous picture

Great post war British Film Noir!