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Thirst Street
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Thirst Street

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Frank Sherman

Personally this is one of the greatest films I've ever seen and I have seen very many films. If you saw this and didn't appreciate the way they did it then you must have watched it on fast forward. When I watched this movie last week it was very late (or "early" depending on how you look at ...Read more

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Enneagram type 4? This is a scary movie!!

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Intriguing film, especially for those who have been caught in an insane run of delusions in a so called "relationship." Kind of ironic, dark comedy, and a little freaky.

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An excellent portrayal of a woman obsessed, and the downward spiral of consequences that often occurs as a result of such an obsession. Also provides a good lesson for both men and women not to "live in the moment" with partners who become unglued, because the consequences of doing so just ...Read more