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Using an easy to follow progressive timeline from early beginning to more modern day, students will follow the emerging development and ultimate sophistication of this most notable civilization. Broken down into sub-chapters of information, each program covers the most important topics and concepts associated with this unique culture and history as they passed through time.

Of all the ancient civilizations Japan is one of the most unique. During the time Japan became an island off the Asian continent a new era evolved known as the Jomon period, which developed and improved the migrating lifestyles of the early hunting/gathering societies. After early settlements Japan entered an age known as feudalism during which a constant state of war existed between local lords and chieftains. Their reign brought the teachings of Buddhism from Korea and Confucius from China into Japanese society.

Along with its cherished traditions, Japan has become a world leader in electronics, car manufacturing, and computers. While upholding its ancient heritage and investing in technological advances, Japan successfully remains one of the most unique cultures the world has ever known.

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great, concise

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Good introduction to Japanese history

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Narrator sounds like a 40 yr-old virgin. He or she or it is hard to take seriously. What the heck?