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Tom at the Farm
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Tom at the Farm
Tom à la ferme

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

It's amazing that this film started out so amazing then fell far from grace at the 1 hr mark. Deeply disappointed.

Anonymous picture

Well, that's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. This film was a crashing bore and made absolutely no sense. I mean, why is Francis not in jail or a mental institution for tearing someone's face open? They don't have laws against maiming someone in Canada? And I kept wishing that ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Boring. Dolan is overrated and borderline narcissistic.

Anonymous picture

What an awesome psychological thriller. It had so many turns that I thought it would end up this way or that way. The mother's character was great. I couldn't tell if she was some kind of crazy mother or if she was truly a mother in distress. That acting from each actor was outstanding. You ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

The ONLY movie since my divorce that I didn't feel like poetry but i knew it was. Fr*cking so riveting. I AGREE WITH EVERYONE ON THIS COMEMNT seciton.

Sean avatar

Expected to love this but stopped watching after a good 20 minutes. WHY Dolan's character allows himself immediately to be so fully dominated and humiliated by the psycho bully brother is baffling - but more importantly, infuriating! What? Just cuz he's hot? Please. Maybe Dolan's acting out ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Don't bother if you are looking for entertainment.

Anonymous picture

Well made, taut psychological thriller.

Anonymous picture

Amazing. Gorgeous, dark, beautiful.

Anonymous picture

Skillful, intense and disturbing. Dolan is extending his “enfant terrible” run into what promises to be a very important maturity. This study of grief, shame, family dysfunction, dishonesty and obsession is truly tense and nightmarish. What’s more, it is a thrill to see a film where a ...Read more