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Too Late for Tears
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Too Late for Tears

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

Wow--what a clunker. Dan Duryea is ever dependable, but the story is ill-served by non-existent pacing, a leading lady whose acting chops are limited, and where's the famed noir cinematography? Tough going; best not to go there at all.

Anonymous picture

For 1949 they made an interesting mid range film which is ahead of many contemporary films with bigger budgets.

Sean avatar

Grateful that it's been preserved but don't expect a high quality print. Let alone letterbox. Artifacts and picture stock fluctuate. But still a very entertaining noir. Lisbeth Scott wasn't the greatest actress but she's pretty good here as The Cold Piece of Work. Dan Duryea is fantastic in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Why would a film with an aspect ratio of 1.37:1 be letterboxed?

Anonymous picture

Typical medium-budget film noir. Fast-paced with a plot twist every 10 minutes, becoming more far-fetched as it goes along, but enjoyable all the way.

Anonymous picture

Why has it taken me this long before hearing about this movie??? Extraordinary film! Scott and Duryea are stunning!

James avatar

Lauren Bacall's lost sister in Lizabeth Scott. Anybody else notice a biblical theme running through this story?

Adam the good and Eve the temptress as well as the love of money being the root of evil?

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Anonymous picture

Another great film noir. Watched this over 30 years ago and still holds as fresh as then

Anonymous picture

Terrific hidden gem.

Anonymous picture

Has its moments, but few and far between. The dialogue is awful, the acting stiff and arthritic, and the plot holes are as wide as the Holland Tunnel. Mostly lovely cinematography. At best a C minus film noir effort.

Anonymous picture

Great story! The protagonist is the ultimate film noir femme fatale.