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Trump: My New President
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Trump: My New President
A Look at the Lives of Trump Voters

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

I agree with Zoe, It was not really very diverse as a movie.

Anonymous picture

This barely scratched the surface for me, but points to the deep divides within this country and allows you to get a peak at someone's life you would otherwise likely not encounter.

Anonymous picture

This video was just okay. I have voted since JFK and overall I cannot really see the difference in politics as to who the president is. I am also a Veteran of the USA, Each person's story was unique and does not necessarily represent their group. It is sad that the Black coach in Oakland ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Now, though , it seems as if the segment of the public voting for trump who said they were tired of political rhetoric were actually duped by trump's special brand of political rhetoric which was orchestrated for him during his campaign by over 30 dyed in the wool political and media ...Read more

Anonymous picture

No, seems like old people voted for Trump because they hold racist views about people and the world. The one or two people of color they found for this film do not paint an accurate portrait of the majority of the people who voted for him: white folks, especially white men, especially older ...Read more