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The Turin Horse
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The Turin Horse
A Torinói Ló

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

I thank God everyday for what I have and where I country ever.

Anonymous picture

I see it as a post apocalyptic future of humankind -bad guys won.

Anonymous picture

Incredible film for the digital age--a film of humanity and life and death.

Tameca  avatar

Wow! It took me a few days to watch the whole film. I keep thinking "quietly brutal" but one reviewer's comment that it is "death-haunted" is way more apt. It is a beautiful film for so many reasons, albeit difficult to watch. I think that the film is also important. It made me feel so ...Read more

Brandon  avatar

The organ motif might haunt me forever.

Anonymous picture

one of the most brutal and honest films i've seen. hard to watch but worth it.

Anonymous picture

painful to watch