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This documentary investigates the complete story of Van Gogh's life and work: from his childhood in Brabant, through his laborious years of apprenticeship in Nuenen and artistic coming-of-age in Paris to the exhilarating peak of his career in the south of France. This fi lm contains unique footage of the places in Europe where Van Gogh lived and worked: in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Experts at the Van Gogh Museum provide insight into Vincent's sources of inspiration and use his letters to show how he struggled to become a truly modern artist. The documentary contains all of the artist's masterpieces as well as numerous lesser-known paintings and sketches.

Running Time
132 mins
Nb videos
5 videos included

Comments (2)

Anonymous picture

Overall I found this series very good, interesting, and informative -- except regarding Vincent's death. Authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith contest the suicide theory in their biography (Van Gogh: The Life), making a compelling case that the shooting was in fact an "accidental ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I did not know that this was a 5 part series and it only uses one Kanopy credit.