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1000 Masterpieces from the Great Museums of the World is one of the most successful TV series about art. The original, with improved image quality, takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of art. Comprehensively illustrated and compellingly presented - the well-known authors of five short art surveys provide a deeper insight into the masterpieces of painting. Experience the art of Cologne throughout the centuries - with masterpieces from the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum and Museum Ludwig, this DVD provides a glimpse into the diversity of Cologne's art treasures. The city's oldest museum, for example, showcases a mediaeval panel painting that is considered to be the Mona Lisa of late Gothic painting. The Museum Ludwig, which specialises in collecting modern and contemporary art, is represented by a portrait of a Pop Art superstar. Stefan Lochner: THE MADONNA OF THE ROSE BOWER (ca. 1450) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: FIVE WOMAN IN THE STREET (1913) Edvard Munch: FOUR GIRLS ON A JETTY (1905) Andy Warhol: THE TEXAN, PORTRAIT OF ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG (1963) Wolf Vostell: MISS AMERICA (1968)

Running Time
50 mins
Nb videos
5 videos included

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Anonymous picture

very engaging and enjoyable.