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Washington's War on Women
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Washington's War on Women
Sexism and Harrassment in the U.S. Capital

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4 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Washington's War on Women - Sexism and Harrassment in the U.S. Capital
Gretchen Carlson, who won a high profile victory with her opposition to the pervasive sexual harassment at Fox News, takes viewers to the halls of Congress to uncover an endemic…
Episode 2 Who Controls the Land - Bears Ears National Monument and the Fight for Native American Equality
Native American actor Martin Sensmeier travels to San Juan County, Utah, to investigate the controversy over the Bears Ears National Monument. While there, he learns how the fight over the…
Episode 3 There Has to be Another Way - The Hidden Victims of Immigration Law and Finding a New Future in Coal Country
In part one, Diane Guerrero travels to Houston, Texas to investigate the effect of the state's anti-sanctuary Senate Bill 4 and discovers some of the most vulnerable victims of this…
Episode 4 Whose History? - The Reckoning over Confederate Monuments and the Racial Terror of Lynching
Jussie Smollett travels to Memphis, Tennessee to witness the growing movement to bring down Confederate monuments and commemorate the deaths of thousands of African-Americans lynched during decades of racial terror.…

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Anonymous picture

Worthwhile in 2019, historically and with current representations of women dealing with sexual harassment issues --especially in D.C. Shows the mandatory mediation process in D.C. and in corporations -at least 60 million sign contracts with arbitration mandatory -- that leads to NO resolution ...Read more