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We Monsters
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We Monsters

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Terrible consequences for parents NOT teaching their children 'right from wrong' by acting as if there was NO right-or-wrong... What a world the kids have to grow up on their own when there's no right-and-wrong...the worst mistake of a parent: being an idiot!


Gave up on it. Teenager is very unappealing as a character and parents are two dimwits. It was 45 minutes into the film before either of them even bothered to ask her motives for such a hideous crime. Boo. Waste of my valuable credits - I only get 6 a month.

Dylan avatar

When a child does something unspeakable the parents are often left to defend themselves on the news media. "We couldn't see it coming and are surprised as anyone" is a common refrain. I've never bought that defense myself, but WE MONSTERS takes that scenario even further, imagining just how ...Read more