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What Will People Say
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What Will People Say
Hva vil folk si

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

some people should just not have daughters. period. great movie, very upsetting.

Anonymous picture

Culture shock and inability of immigrant parents to assimilate in the new adopted society is a struggle frequently experienced not only from people from Pakistan but also from India.

Anonymous picture

As the stereotypes clench the world, how abnormal the societal pressures become that destroys a simple natural human behavior. Heartwrenching to watch...

Anonymous picture

This was a hard film to watch, but it was so real and authentic. Sadly, this story is one that I've heard many times before. This happens in so many immigrant communities right here in the US. Thank you, Iram Haq, for sharing pieces of your story in this film.

Anonymous picture

Way too disturbed by this movie to comment.

Anonymous picture

Then why are you commenting?

Iffah Suraya avatar
Iffah Suraya

what a messed up culture that is.

Anonymous picture

Wow. An important film but hard to watch.

Anonymous picture

An awfully well done and enlightening film. I do not think the girl is caught between two cultures in that she is clearly not willing to bend to her family's expectations and therein lies the conflict. It would be easy to dismiss this film as melodrama but it has such a feel of authenticity ...Read more