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While We're Young
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While We're Young

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Enjoyed it.

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Agree that this is a fun film, but I’m also in the camp of enjoying the first half of the film far more than the second.

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Enjoyable Baumbach, and probably his most optimistic, human-feeling movie. It's populated with the director's usual heady Manhattanites but these people are much more fun to hang out with than his characters usually are.

It's not a big statement like "The Squid & The Whale" but ...Read more

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It makes me feel like people Should have regrets, should've, would've, could' It's too late. Bummer.

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This movie doesn't know what it is all about.....Adam Driver's performance saved it from being a one star

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I enjoyed this as a movie and thought Adam Driver very convincing in a modern day "All About Eve". Ending a bit unbelievable and glib. Loved the scene where their friends threw a party and didn't invite them.

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No "Squid and the Whale", and despite some bohemian satire, not much of a comedy. Grodin, as always, is great. Stiller plays a not very sympathetic caricature, though Driver is a believably amoral villain. The ending was lame. Overall, kind of a hipper Woody Allen riff, which is still not a ...Read more

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I liked it. I choose by cast and this one has a great cast. Not sure what the hub bub is about cinematograpy. It's a movie about making movies that included scenes of hand held cameras and we get to watch them on the kind of shoestring equipment beginning filmakakers use. The plot line ...Read more

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I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Starts out slow but develops into a portrayal of the angst of adulthood that's heartwarming despite itself (or perhaps, despite its characters). Great cast, well-written characters, and effective cinematography.

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Frank Sherman

I VEHEMENTLY disagree with you here. The cinematography was NOT very good. BUT, the characters and the perspective on young people and even YOUNGER people, had me thinking. Light movie. Good to watch on TV chromecast.

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This film is terrible

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OK movie with some fun parts, but you never really feel 'invested' in the characters...a whole lot of really talented people kind of in search of a screenplay worthy of their talents...tho the point about millennials and their sense of entitlement is both true.and ironic given who it's coming ...Read more