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White Sun
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White Sun
Seto Surya

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interesting but bad subtitles

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This film illustrates the long term, deep rooted, negative effects that war and politics creates among family and friends.This film further demonstrates the deep rooted traditional beliefs and social values that conspire to create more disharmony , more confusion and more division between ...Read more

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Superb film. Intimate view into rural Nepalese mores (caste, gender, old customs) and how the civil war profoundly rent social fabric and individual lives, young and old.

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Powerful, fascinating, deeply human (with all our flaws), a glimpse into a world a million miles from our urban Western culture. Thank you Deepak Rauniyar for making this!

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A movie that portrays the deeply entrenched social norms in some parts of Nepal through subtlety. Having lived in the capital through the civil war which deprived me of any first hand experience of it, this movie provides an insight to the flawed democracy thereafter and also to the difficult ...Read more

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Really interesting movie. It moves at a slow pace, but it is not boring. YOu learn about an entire society just from the way that people fetch water, close a door, argue about who can touch a body in preparation for a funeral, position of women, the caste system, all in an understated way ...Read more