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Within Our Gates
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Within Our Gates

In this early silent film from pioneering director Oscar Micheaux, kindly Sylvia Landry (Evelyn Preer) takes a fundraising trip to Boston in hopes of raising money to keep a Southern school for impoverished black children open to the public. She then meets the warmhearted Dr. Vivian (Charles D. Lucas), who falls in love with Sylvia and travels with her back to the South. Their romance eventually leads to revelations about her family's past and her own mixed-race, European ancestry.

Music by Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky

Running Time
91 mins
Nb videos
3 videos included

Comments (2)

Anonymous picture

Good print and decent film but the score is not good.

Gloria avatar

The film demystifies a pervasive racist myth: it is the white man who is the sexual violator, not the African American. Reversal of the stereotype of the black man popularized in white films. Here the attacker is a lecherous white man, not a sex crazed black. And it is the first film to ...Read more