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The Wonders
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The Wonders

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Confusing; the film just seemed to end abruptly. What happened to Martin?

David avatar

I’m not sure how this movie is rated four stars. I would give it one or two, and regret having stuck with it for the duration. Not interesting, no real plot, not much empathy for the characters.

Anonymous picture

Fabulous filming! It's hard to believe these are actors. Very Italian, quirky people living quirky lives. Refreshingly unpredictable. Not your usual Hollywood film where you know the story before you see it.

Anonymous picture

Very confusing. Maybe Italian family dynamics is different. Scrolled through most because boring.

Anonymous picture

Confusing family dynamics.Seemed somewhat like a commune. But showed how beekeeping is not an easy venture.

Anonymous picture

This film was interesting, also a little confusing. It would have been nice to have a little bit of a back story on the parents.... I wasn't exactly sure what to make of this film or the ending, but it was an interesting insight into beekeeping. 3 stars