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A Year in Champagne
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A Year in Champagne
The History of the Champagne Region in France

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Nice. I will find a reason to celebrate, and then order some magic in a glass. Good look at the process

Anonymous picture

Great side trip through the Champagne regions history and geography. Wonderful family vignettes from the small houses and great views of the corporate world of the bubbly!

Grant avatar

Very insightful documentary offering some fascinating details about the Champagne region. I found the challenges associated with wine production in Champagne particularly interesting, as well as the marketing 'spin' the vintage created.

Simon avatar

Great documentary!
The casual tone made it very easy to sit back and relax, while learning new things about Champagne! I realize now that I didn't know much about the process of making Champagne. Lots of rules and steps required, but it's all worth it to get a nice chilled bottle of ...Read more