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The Young Karl Marx
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The Young Karl Marx
Le jeune Karl Marx

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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

Why almost all the socialist leaders do NOT 'work' for their living like the average people?

Anonymous picture

Well done!

Anonymous picture
J. S.

the world has suffer enough because of people like this "empathic socialists" God save the free world from that posioning speech of división and hate.

Anonymous picture
John Michael

If anybody was waiting for the answer, at long last we know: in a socialist society, this is what a sentimental Hollywood biopic would look like.

Snark aside, the fact that this is hardly an art film doesn't mean it wasn't artfully done. As the title suggests, the film follows young ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A likable depiction of both Marx and Engels, including both their strengths and their weaknesses. The economic conditions of the masses in the 19th century are persuasively portrayed as the ultimate impetus for the creation of communism. Several other important historical figures are also ...Read more

Anonymous picture

From Karl Marx's "The Civil War in France" (1871):

"The direct antithesis to the empire was the Commune. The cry of “social republic,” with which the February Revolution was ushered in by the Paris proletariat, did but express a vague aspiration after a republic that was not only to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Karl Marx was brilliant of course, but he did suffer the plights of most egomaniacs in that his work called for the courting of his proclaimed Bourgeoisie whilst his Wife and children starved to death. I understand the desire to not taint and con-volute the through line of the film with these ...Read more

Anonymous picture
John Michael

^sounds like somebody wanted to see a hot sex scene with Karl and Lenchen. I mean, who can blame you? Unfortunately, that was years later, and probably the most scandalous thing Marx ever did. For the time period depicted, the film actually pretty much shows everything shitty about Karl, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Worthy, informational film done from a capitalist structure. Only one quibble since I am thinking information, a misrepresentation of George Sand and what She generally lived by.

Anonymous picture

Liked it. Inspiring story!

virginia avatar

A 101 course in the history of economics and economic/social injustice. Marx spelled out in his Communist Manifesto the exact steps to be followed in implementing the communist revolution, but he did not take into consideration that revolutions are tumultuous, vibrant , and not rational. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed it. It provides some political impetus for those more familiar with the writings as disembodied entities. I wonder whether people totally unfamiliar with the basic history and the writings of Marx and his rivals would made enough sense out of the issues. The film does however do a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Valuable for the uninitiated, but a bit too polite and tidy for my taste.

Anonymous picture

interesting film.. but would have liked more depth in discussion of their writings and would have been nice if they could have actually cast Jewish people in the roles of the Marx's .

Anonymous picture

I just could not help thinking about your comment and could not find how the movie could be nicer with an actor who believes in a certain religion. It is fundamentally sick.

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Anonymous picture

Well done in many respects. I was especially impressed with the depiction of the social upheaval of the times, and the the struggle between the realists and idealists at the end.

Aric avatar

The film is beautifully composed. The acting is very strong, but I feel something was lacking with the overall thrust of the narrative. I was never totally engaged. I am glad I watched it, but won't watch it again.

Joan avatar

Well done. Well acted, written and produced. I thought it was quite moving and I felt it gave me real insight into the history of the communist movement,