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In Your Eyes
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In Your Eyes

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Yeah, it's kinda cute but I would never in a hundred years have guessed that Jos Wedon wrote this; it is definitely not one of his better efforts.

josh avatar

I enjoyed it. The premise is good. you could see the ending coming from the very beginning which is obviously not great, and some of the directors choices were a bit corny, but good production and good acting moves it along. Note: that is the Hollywood version of how to hop trains. It's dumb ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Terrible movie. Ending is laughable. I gave this a shot because I liked Joss Whedon's Firefly series, but this movie fell flat.

Anonymous picture

Good storyline, great suspense but the ending destroyed an otherwise great movie

Anonymous picture

I liked the ending, as well as the rest of the movie.

Anonymous picture

Hi, I like the ending.

Anonymous picture

Me too.